Travel Insuarance

We can cover the costs and losses associated with your travelling,Protection for those travelling domestically and internationally.We can Cover the Damage to property,We Frequently sell this as a package.

Travel Itinerary

Includes planning,researching and creating holidays for clients with different requirements and budgets both domestic and international

Holiday Packages

Comprises transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by an agent,Car rental goes along with holiday packages.

Visa Application

We help clients with their visa requirements to travel anywhere in the world


We Understand that at the heart of every AMAZING trip is an even amazing accommodation,we help our clients with an array of amazing accommodation,from modern to historical like accommodation

Ticket Booking

We assist our clients with ticket bookings anywhere in the world with a number of flight choices at their disposal

Airport Shuttle

We can take care of your travel right from or to the airport,we have a wide range of spacious airport shuttle service just for your convenience and comfort

Car Hire

Includes renting cars,lorries,trucks e.t.c to clients for a specified period of time.We have different prices for different cars and a returnable amount of money is paid as collateral.


Introducing tourists to most popular places and attractions,such as museums,art galleries,parks etc.This includes planning and organizing tours around a certain area of interest.